My Story

Many trainers will tell you stories about the problem dog who turned them from a scared, confused pet owner to the professional dog trainer you see today. Thunder is mine.  He came to me from a shelter at four months old.  He showed signs of resource guarding early on, but I took him to puppy training classes and did everything the trainer instructed me to do.  Thunder was eager to work and learn.  He quickly became my spunky, obedient sidekick.

As the months progressed, my living situation changed a few times and this took a toll on Thunder. He became more anxious and insecure. He guarded food with other animals and began to guard water, toys, his space, and me.  He was also aggressive on leash, at the dog park, and around new people. It was hard to manage his unpredictable behavior, and I began to run my life around his needs while neglecting my own.

It was very difficult to find an advanced trainer willing to work with challenging dogs. After a lot of research, I found a willing trainer, and with a lot of hard work and commitment, Thunder was himself again; a happy, well-balanced boy. 

My Experience

Inspired by Thunder’s transformation, I fell in love with training and the hope it brings to distressed dog owners. I have been a professional trainer for 7 years and have been taught by the best in the business. My techniques follows those of Sean O’Shea of The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation in New Orleans and of Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training in Providence.

I have experience working with dogs from all backgrounds, from brand new puppies to adult dogs with severe behavioral issues. I work closely with each client to build a program that incorporates proven techniques, realistic expectations, flexibility, and feedback.

Read more about my training method and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. If this feels like a good fit for you and your dog, contact me for a free consultation.

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