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From Our Clients

Cooper did not get along with other dogs until we trained with Meaghen. Now he does so well that we were able to adopt another dog. We couldn’t have gotten here without her help.

– Nick and Kristin, Parents of Luna and Cooper

Meaghen trained my young dog years ago. He comes when he’s called and is so loving with my two young children. Charlie even listens to the kids!

– Kara, Charlie’s Mom

I enrolled my 65 lb very stubborn Boxer, Vinny,  in Meaghen’s Board and Train program.  He was highly reactive making it difficult to walk him and he got very excited around other people.    It’s been 4 weeks since training and I can’t thank Meaghen enough for all the work she did with Vinny.  He is much calmer, more controlled and I am a confident dog owner.   Everyone who knew Vinny before are amazed when they see him now.  I highly recommend Well Balanced Training!

-Lori, Vinny’s Mom

Meaghen/WBDT truly helped us save Milo’s life. When we met Meaghen I was seriously considering surrendering him back to a shelter (even though I knew that was not likely to end well for him) because I felt so helpless and unable to manage him. We had been to 2 other trainers (and spent a lot of money!) only to be told he was a “borderline” case who would probably always require intensive management and would likely never get along with my mom’s dog, Luna. He was very dog reactive with a strong will and major impulsivity. I knew there was a sweet dog under all of that – he had been perfect with my kids and a real love-bug around the house. But I couldn’t have a dog that I felt was unsafe for the other dogs in our home and neighborhood. After his Board and Train with Meaghen, he was like a new dog. Just as important as helping Milo, she helped me as his leader. Because of some of his behavior, I had lost confidence in my ability to train and lead him, and that was not a good dynamic. She put in the time to really understand him and give him all the basics he needed. She convinced me that my instincts about him were right, and that with the right tools and attitude, I could give him the leadership he desperately needed. He does still require a lot of work and attention, but he keeps getting better. Do I wish I had an easier dog? Sure. But we took him in because we saw something in him we couldn’t ignore. And now we have the tools and the team to help him keep growing into the best dog he can be. He deserves that, and we are lucky to have him as part of our family. Thanks, Meaghen for changing his life…and ours.

Sarah, Milo’s Mom

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